I’m Omar Venegas Diaz and I’m a tattooed and bearded family man, living the fly life in mighty Tasmania.

I hail from the Latin lands of Chile and spent my formative years in the wilds of the west coast of Tasmania, isolated from anything remotely related to the idea of ‘big city living’.

When it comes to your day however, I seek truth in your story; and meaning with the documentation of your day that honours your legacy.

AND… if I were to boil my hot pot of philosophical musings of ‘wedding photography’ into one thing- it would be to ask you a question instead.

When it comes to your day, how do you want to feel?

Okay, maybe I’d actually ask a couple of things.

But, when your youth has passed and you’re reminiscing back to those days yonder; what transformative emotion do you want to be transported back to?

Also, this is me. 
I feel awkward in front of the camera too.